Day 3: Saturday, July 4th- Last Day of Juice Feast



Yoga at Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp with Suzanne De Wees

Day 3: Happy Independence Day!

To regress and give a little history; Independence Day didn’t hold much significance in my life until I attached my heart to it. The word Independence means a lot to each of us, other than freedom from the tyranny of the British Empire. For me, in 2003 or so (give or take a year) I realized I wasn’t on the right path. It might have been my needs weren’t being met, although I felt I was communicating clearly. Independence Day became my New Year in that ok, today I can forget about yesterday, last week, last year. It became a do- over day. Time for me to re-evaluate.

This last week began with me still keyed up about my lack of a job, calming the monkey mind, and looking forward to the juice fast for a gift to myself, a do-over for my physical and mental health. Today, being the last day, (I’m drinking the 2nd to last bottle of juice as I type)  I find that I am excited to be so close to eating again, and sad to have this fast end. This afternoon was the worst with chewing food type cravings. I could list the foods I crave, but I don’t need to… just think of your favorite sinful food addiction and there you go. I am looking forward to a breakfast smoothie tomorrow morning followed by organic grapes and maybe a poached egg that I know was laid in Lake Helen last week. I don’t know the chicken personally but know where the human of the chicken sells eggs!

Today’s breakdown: I woke up around 6am. For the second day in a row. I have being sleeping good in between bathroom runs. When Jen from Root’s Raw Juice Bar told me that I would pee a lot, she did not tell me a lot during the night as well! I have not enjoyed the juice so much today, I think I am both tired of the fast and perhaps my taste buds are wonky. The white tongue is still there, so maybe that has a little to do with it. My body aches but not nearly as much. The massage Kimberly gave me at Nuwati Bodyworks worked wonders today. I went to Suzanne’s yoga class at the Camp this morning and felt I had more range of motion in my hips and leg muscles, and my back and shoulders weren’t stiff. After that hour long class I went for my walk/run/walk, but shortened the route since I did an hour of yoga. The run part was longer but the completed loop was shorter.

I was hungry throughout the day, maybe because I was thinking about the food I craved. The brain fog disappeared and so did a good portion of fatigue. Today I was tired but not to where I felt I needed to take a nap. I got a lot accomplished– not everything on my to- do list, ( my mind keeps reminding me it is a holiday) still enough for me to feel I did enough.

Overall, a 3- day juice fast is very doable. Tomorrow I will eat light, and from now on stick with only healthier food choices. I love coffee, wine and occasionally fattening foods, however I will be choosey about what I consume from here on out. I will also, somehow, even when working 40 hours and going to school, incorporate daily exercise into my routine. I am out of excuses, and I will not blame anyone but myself for my physical well-being or the lack of it. I truly believe we have complete control over our choices. I will chose wisely. I will take care of myself mentally and physically from now on. Life is too short and too beautiful to waste otherwise.

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