Daily Prompt: Moon – Phases

via Daily Prompt: Moon

Perhaps, because of the moon, I haven’t wanted to post or cook. I am “making” myself by reminding me of my new routine, if I claim to be a writer, even a mediocre one at best, I need to do more than read books and spend my ‘free’ time mindlessly skimming social media sites. Because of the moon, as a society, we are often vigilant, if not aware, of the lunatic or bizarre behaviors in and around our environments. This may mean erratic actions or missile-like tirads of spoken words, and thoughts or feelings that are overwhelming to deal with. The moon is blamed for many of these humanistic intricacies.

Lunar  and solar eclipses also play a role in wild predictions and human interactions with each other and their natural surroundings. The History Channel site has this snip-it about the earliest accounts of a solar eclipse and the meaning placed on the eclipse by the Chinese culture:

October 22, 2134 B.C.: Solar eclipse spells doom for Hsi and Ho
One of the earliest records of an eclipse appears in the ancient Chinese document Shu Ching (Book of History), which describes a day on which “the Sun and Moon did not meet harmoniously.” Historians believe this is a reference to the solar eclipse of October 22, 2134 B.C. The legend tells of two royal astronomers named Hsi and Ho who had shirked their duties in order to get drunk. As a result, they failed to predict the event and were beheaded by the emperor.

I guess, for the most part, our civilized nation won’t behead any astrologer’s for failing to predict the event last night! Pagan believers named the August moon as the ‘Corn Moon’ and Native Americans named it the ‘Sturgeon Moon’.  The moon and sun cycle often meant naming what happened in nature during that moon/sun cycle before calendar’s were implemented. Today, we just know whispers of these past associations for the moon’s arrival. I feel that is okay. I know that information only because I choose to search it out. I also know that with child-like excitement, no matter what month I view the sky, when I see the full moon, I whisper with a smile:

I see the moon and the moon sees me. God bless the moon and god bless me… my cat, my friend going through a tough time, my kids, the families facing tragedies and hardship throughout the world. I thank the moon for her beauty and presence and thank the universe for my good fortune.


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