Fast Food vs. Slow Food

ice cream hug

Fast food, no matter if it is from the grocery store hot bar buffet to the drive-up window, the take out pizza, the delivered chinese dinner, or the sit down, five star restaurant, fast food is often a welcome addition to a person’s day. Sure, it may cost more and there may not be left overs but it serves a dire purpose of not wanting to cook and clean up the mess afterwards that kitchens become after creating a meal.


Slow Food on the other hand is often planned, a craving a few hours to a few weeks ahead of time, the writing down of ingredients, both on hand and needed from the store. A trip into town or down the street or into the city miles away are often scheduled. Sometimes other activities are planned around a home cooked meal, such as a movie to watch or a puzzle to work on, or homework to do. Home cooking, in the privacy of your own space often allows comfy clothes and shoes shead, laughter and help from the littlest to the biggest or youngest to oldest.

Create with passion

No matter what, time  and passion is given to the art of preparing and consuming food. That alone often brings people together to socialize. Whether a glance over a computer screen at Panera’s or a smile from the baby across the dining room table, humans get enjoyment from food, over food, and through food.

I love the art of preparing food and drink. I enjoy making food for myself and really enjoy making food for others; family and friends. Food is life, food is love, food is desired, food is amazingly simple and increasingly complicated, yet a lover we invest in daily and socially. Create meals around the passion for food. Life is amazingly good!

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