The Space Between

As a writer, I often reflect on the space between words, sometimes letters. When I reflect, I wonder in life do we allow ourselves such a luxury? Often, we rush through our days in a blur, from one task to the next until our heads hit the pillow for sleep. We all, at one time or another need to pause for sleep or rest. We often pause, for a bit at least, a bad habit such as drinking or smoking. These tend to be the space we give ourselves to moderate consumption. When angry or upset, we give each other space to cool off, to separate and the space to communicate in better ways at a later time.

It’s taken me nearly half my life to realize that life is all about the space between and less about the action of doing. In the action of doing, I feel we lose the essence of living. Once given, the space between allows us to regroup and take notice of our greatness or failures. This awareness today became such a wonderful experience for me; I’m outside gathering up shopping carts in the parking area in front of the store I work at. I took a deep breath and paused for a minute while waiting for a car to pass by. In that moment the Space Between thought happened. I started a list of how many spaces between activities I’ve taken. Thousands or ten- thousand! Maybe more!

I’m a mom of two young adults. Just in their two decades I have taken many life pauses where I have taken on many different and sometimes conflicting roles as a mother. I am also a sister, a daughter, a (ex) wife to two men, a girlfriend, a co-worker, a friend, an acquaintance. I have held many jobs and have greeted a Google of people on those jobs as a role in customer service. The pauses I’ve taken and the spaces between have been so numerous in one 24 hour period, it is mind blowing.

Enjoy the space between, the pauses, the awareness of life’s littlest gem, space.


The closest image to the ‘Space Between’

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