On Writing

In August I had started writing during the second week and vowed to create a posting habit of at least 30 days. I really want to make writing at least once a day a priority. The thing is, where does all the things I want to do daily actually fit in when my work schedule flops and flips from week to week, there are no standard days off per se’ as they also change week to week. I find that my only true habits that do not waiver are making and drinking coffee (at least 2 cups) when I wake up, feed the cat so he doesn’t start biting my ankles, and walk zombie-like to the computer to check e-mail and view Facebook posts before getting into the three S’s and getting dressed for the day.

Then there are surprises: This week a Category 1 came through Florida kindof causing havoc to the locals and tourists. Two friends needed more than usual attention, one traveling to Canada for the first time and the other needing my writing skills to hone a cover letter and her resume’. I also had to take an unexpected day off to drive two hours away for my own interview, for another position in the same company I work for. The yoga studio moved at the end of July and was closed for August while they remodeled and refurbished a new location now 20 minutes from my home. I was just getting in the habit of waking up and going to a 9am hot yoga class each morning/ five days a week (this was when my schedule at work was consistent) and now my work hours are inconsistent and the classes start at 8:15am. Less sleep when some evenings I’m working until 11pm and not lying down until midnight.

Changes are good. They cause adjustments and friction, not allowing complacency.

Yet, habits are good also. Habits form good changes, which often hone skills. Both have to form around work hours, no matter what that may be. I’m not giving up. I wrote 13 times in the month of August on this site. Today, September 2nd, gives me the opportunity to write 29 times (or more if I do two posts in a day) this month. My writing goals are a challenge yet, an opportunity to continue to improve my skills.

What challenge or goal are you setting for yourself in September?

By the way, I will attend yoga tomorrow morning. I will also write. 😀

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