November 2016

My birthday just passed this week. A milestone in that I am now on the fast track of arriving at 50 the next go around. Wow in so many ways. I’ve accomplished a lot in these 49 years but I have so many more things that I’d like to do in the next 51 years! I am not ready to let go of all of my dreams and desires.

I joined a gym at the end of August and have been pretty consistent (up until two weeks ago when the retail work I do amped up my work hours) and I plan on hiring a trainer in January. January is a pivotal month; I will reach my year anniversary at work and I will be able to invest in my retirement which I don’t plan on until I am close to 80 years old. In this last year, I’ve made soft plans to prepare for the 2nd 50 years of my life. Not many people actually make these improvements to better their chances for another 50 years, yet I plan on leading an active and healthy life so I have needed to think in such a way. Or at least I believe I do.

I am wanting to learn gun safety and perhaps get into self-defense exercise by the summer of 2017. I may be a single woman for more years than I had hoped for and I feel if I plan to be alone, some knowledge of how to protect myself and feeling less vulnerable is a must. It also is the reason for joining the gym, to become physically stronger in my next decade or three or five of life. I get that inspiration from seeing men and women who have embraced strength training in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I even saw a video on a 100 year old man running a race, yes, I want that to be me well into my elder years.

Unhealthy foods and habits need to be continually worked on. Many of those unhealthy choices stem from unhealthy thoughts about myself. I am a work in progress, and I will continue to improve not only my physical self but my mental self-defeating thoughts as well.

I will get back to reading and writing daily. At least two hours each day. I have to be diligent with schooling myself and since graduating from college last December, I haven’t been as much. I work in a monotonous job which wouldn’t challenge anyone over the age of six. If I strive to belong in intelligent conversations I need to work on my intellectual self daily.  One of my desires is to continue to blog, not as personal but as a knowledgeable person in my interests and passions. I have plenty of time in each day to work on these items. I live a simple and uncluttered life. I am looking forward to this year going towards my half century mark in life. I look forward to keeping this blog active and posting my results.


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