Embracing Change: Enjoy the Process


I’m listening to John Lee Hooker, sing and playing his guitar. I have my windows and doors open to a beautiful Florida afternoon breeze and can see sunny skies with a few billowing clouds. I want for nothing but am not satisfied. I stated this when a dear friend remarked that I should strive to be happy. I love life and am generally happy but do not believe this one emotion is the cure all or be all. Like ying and yang, happiness in my opinion, can only be felt if you also know sadness.

Enjoy the process in whatever you choose to do. Do not try to rush into finishing anything but savor each glorious moment of the process. With anything, there will be ups and downs, upsets and joyous successes. Slow down and savor every moment. I find it so rewarding and rich beyond my wildest dreams to savor everything life brings to my feet.

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