The Process: Governing Values

Often, all of us lose sight of our collective and individual dreams and goals. A year ago, after graduating with a Bachelor degree, I had hoped to secure an Administration position within a nonprofit. That did not transpire and a maje-shift plan B went into effect instead. Nearly a year later, I feel I have been spinning my wheels, at least in the career sector of my life.

I want to find center again. Get back to pursuing new dreams and goals in all aspects of my life. I picked up a book this morning titled; To Do…Doing…Done! by God. Lynne Snead and Joyce Wycoff. On page 27 they list governing life values that everyone holds close, some more than others but all important. They are: Family, Health, Financial Security, Friends, Inner Peace, Growth, Productivity, Honesty, Generosity, Organization, Fun, Joy, Community, Spirituality, Travel, LoVe, Career Development, Adventure, and more. The authors suggest making a mind map of your values to have a representation of those you want to focus on. This map can and will change over time as your values shift. “Your values map helps you make important decisions about your life.”

I plan on making goals to define my “why” my values are important for me to work on in 2017. Without the “why” there will be no clear reason to pursue these goals. I challenge you to also find your “why”. Enjoy the journey!

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