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So this is an update: March 27, 2013

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I am creating daily and sharing food with others. If you follow my blog you know I have been on my own, going through a divorce for nearly three months now. The pain of letting go of a 20 year marriage has been such a growth experience! Very painful yet… I am finding ways to make a new life. I have always loved sharing food and creating in the kitchen. The colder, longer winter has me feeling all about comfort foods since moving into a 1904 built house. I love my home, but it is sure cold! It feels colder since I am processing being alone for the first time in what feels like never. I am not asking for financial support to help with my daily living expenses from my husband, as I chose to leave the family home and the kids decided to stay there. He is supporting them; my son is 17 years old and a junior in high school, my daughter is in her 3rd year of college.

I found that I couldn’t adjust my portion size; I really didn’t want to! This however left me with loads of one food dish. My freezer quickly filled up with too much of the same food. I go to a free store ministry set- up by a local church. Fruit, bread, vegetables and meats are available at severely discounted prices. Because the people who work there are volunteers, I decided I would gift them with the food they gift me. This has worked out wonderfully!

The soup in the picture above was infused with loving warmth. I believe when we create in the kitchen our food gets our emotions; I know my food creations reflect what I am going through at that point in my life. The soup was made with beef soup bones and although the package was small and I didn’t believe I would get enough meat from the bones to share, I had a pot of soup large enough for 10 hungry people, including me!

I am manifesting a crock pot (or two) into my life. This will make sharing food so much easier. I have within a months time, decided to share with another thrift store that helps the downtrodden in the community. I am blessed beyond reason!


I took a leap into thin air, dazzlingly (just a cool word) by using the last $100 to buy a wordpress bundle for a year. I have spent the evening trying to give myself a crash course on a whole bunch of new experiences for me! First, I must be crazy; I only make $100 a week at my very, very part time job. Fifteen hours a week at minimum wage sure doesn’t pay the bills. After having a emotional weekend with my family and waking up this morning thinking ‘why should I bother’, today has been a mix of highs and lows. Highly emotional, low on interactions and verbal communication. I needed comfort and because of that fixed my rendition of grilled cheese and tomato soup for an early dinner. Yes, here in Central Florida the temperature is hovering close to hellish inferno, but I was craving comfort in the froze- zone temperament of my home and soup was all I could think about.  When those I love walk around on egg shells around me, it’s obvious I let one of my insane personas out of the closet again, the one they just aren’t sure how to live with. I understand that things done on whims just might be like throwing money out the window. With each week that passes I find my inner child dying a slow and agonizing death. I HAVE to get out of my head. Growth in all it’s painful ways is like a hair stuck in my foot.

I was once a cosmetologist… back in the day. Cutting hair barefoot didn’t happen often. It always seemed to surprise me though when if in socks or barefooted a tiny blonde hair would find its way into the ball of my foot.  Growth is like that hair; something that tells me I need to take action and experience the discomfort of putting myself out ‘there’.

By putting myself out on WordPress, I will share my passion to write, my love for cooking and my need to learn more about my camera, a Nikon D60, that I’ve owned for several years, but haven’t learned much other than point and shoot. The title of my blog incorporates all three of those things. I might even share lists of books I am currently reading and movies I have chosen for summer viewing. A little bit of this and that with a sprinkle of humor and my love for the written word.

Here is today’s comfort food ~ Grilled cheese with thinly sliced ham on whole wheat bread, served with Campbell’s Tomato Soup, mixed with milk (instead of water), sprinkled with dried basil and pepper.

If anything, I will be teaching myself new tricks. For this nearly 45 year old woman, who has lost her direction in life, maybe this  is the answer to all of my inner aliments.

One thought on “Post A Day

  1. The answer to your inner ailments? Only if you feed others, and stick to taste-testing. Otherwise you could end up looking like the Goodyear Blimp – a whole new set of problems. 🙂

    Great site. Thanks for sharing.

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