The Single Life- Saturday Morning Pancakes

Good Morning!

Yes, just barely, as this recipe unfolded itself in my thoughts. The cast iron skillet is only now heating as I type. I still haven’t really dressed (the FLYLady isn’t active this morning!) and although I will put in a full 8-hours tonight, today is a lazy start to the weekend, a nod to the leisure class I strive to enter with the rest of society, on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Ah, the blessed weekend! As a single person with a cat as the only other object in my house on mid-mornings (My S.O. escapes shortly after the sun rises, to his own home, he must be a vampire!) I pretty much eat anything I want. Sometimes it is a sweet affair but most of the time it is a savory one- usually cheese of some kind, a veg., like radish or onion, and crackers with salted butter. Sometimes a farmed chicken egg from a hen who knows what free range is in the very local, down the street sense, may be my breakfast, almost always over-medium fried in butter. I search out my local homestead farmers on a regular basis. When I purchase my own home with a scant piece of land, I will own my own hens and have a garden. Right now, single life has me in a one-bedroom apartment in a rural area that supports my desire for local food stuff.

Today’s pancakes kind of represent a need (hunger) and a desire to use what I have on hand without going out to spend more money. My ‘nest-egg’ is abundant only if I don’t succumb to instant gratification! Today’s break-fast is the creation of such a thought.

Pancake recipes are pretty straight forward. I used the base of today’s recipe from this source: , because  I have Bob’s Red Mill 100% Stone Ground whole wheat flour in my cupboard, that I purchased 6 months ago for a recipe I never did make. Hummmm… time flies!

My batter is thick, mainly because I do not have milk, only half and half on hand. To make the ‘buttermilk’ for this recipe, I used 2 cups of half and half, 1/4 cup, more or less of water, and 2 teaspoons of rice vinegar. I let this set for 10 mins. after stirring with a plastic spoon to distribute the vinegar into the milk. Still, looking at the stack of pancakes that are growing behind me as I type, they are fluffy like the recipe and reviews state, despite the added other ingredients I put into the pancake batter.

I had two dark, brown skinned, (aka, soft and mushy) bananas in the fridge. I mashed the bananas and combined a heavy splash of Madagascar 100% Pure Vanilla into the mash. I have Organic cacao powder with Maca in the cupboard and put in a heavy 1/8 cup of powder into the dry mixture. I picked up a jar of the Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter the other day and added a big scoop of that into the dry mixture, breaking up the yellow pea butter (yep, absolutely no nuts in this butter, yet kind of tastes like peanut butter!) into the dry ingredients.  I’m not impressing anyone other than myself, so I wasn’t too careful with the distribution consistency of the now slightly lumpy dry ingredients. The pancakes taste great! They are not overly sweet or savory. I generally like a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of granulated sugar on my pancake but I also have tried a pancake with Blue Agave organic sweetener, acting as a syrup. YUM! This recipe has made approx. (15) coffee cup plate-sized FLUFFY pancakes. I had cut up fruit this morning, which is pictured below with a serving of pancakes. Bon Appetit’! Happy Saturday to you and yours!