Juice Fasting: 4 Days of Preparation


I planned for several months to spend money on a juice fast. I don’t have a juicer, so this was a big deal for someone who knew that she would be unemployed while attempting this fast. I am frugal also and this expense really gave me something to consider long before the actual purchase.

I bought the juice from Roots Raw Juice Bar in Sanford, FL. There are 6 (16 oz) juices for each day. The method which I used was part researched, part from the instructions from Roots, and part of my own ideas. I knew I was receiving the juice on a Thursday, so I planned my food choices around that date, two weeks ahead of the start day.

First on my mind was to remove all meats from my home. That was pretty easy, I am a single woman with a cat, not a dog, to take care of left- overs. Although I actually cook (yes I enjoy cooking and baking!), the meat supply is based on what I can eat in one week without a ton of leftovers to freeze. During the first of the two weeks prior to the juice feast itself, I started eating more vegetables and less meat.

The weekend before the actually fast began, I ate only vegetables and fruits, some limited carbs (bread and tortilla chips), and weaned off of coffee. I had a coffee on Sunday, four days before the fast, but had been weaning a week prior, from two cups or more a day to one cup a day. The headache and dull fuzzy brain feeling is still with me even today, four days after stopping coffee intake.

The day before the fast I ate only one meal around 2pm. The rest of the day I had herbal tea and loads of water. Psyllium is recommended to promote the release of toxins through active bowel movements. I bought the cheapest capsules I could find at the health food store, 500mg of psyllium. I will continue to exercise daily; I do a walk/ run/ walk routine for an hour and also 30 mins of yoga. I do have time this week to do that since I am off work. I wouldn’t recommend someone fasting for the first time, while trying to work as well.

What I expect to get from it:

Weight loss – Two weeks ago I was weighed at the doctor’s office and weighed in at 149 pounds. For a woman who is 5’4 and 47 years old, I should not be this heavy.

Health Benefits: Two weeks ago I was on antibiotics. I knew I was running myself down and needed to start paying attention to my physical self. Sporadic walks weren’t helping any when drinking alcohol and over eating were being enjoyed. I had to make a drastic change. I’m intelligent enough to know what works and what doesn’t with weight loss, and a good all over cleanse was needed.

Peace of Mind: This might sound strange, but because I am single, I realized this is a great opportunity to really go within. Journal, meditate, sleep, take care of myself. If I was married I might have to take a week away if my S.O. wasn’t keen on the need for seclusion.

A Jump Start: I am hoping to eat cleaner, less than before, and take better care of myself all around. I am reaching the half way point in life and am becoming more aware that what happens when I don’t care about what my physical self looks like and feels like . No one else will; I have to do it myself. I also want to show my kids that no matter what, in life there are challenges. The mind can see those challenges as mountains of molehills. I chose to see this challenge as one I can easily work through.

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